Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Star MK II and Para....Came and Gone

Hey guys. Welcome to Airsoft GI. Sorry I havent been posting. I got a little bit busy. But i got some good news and some bad news. The good news is the Star MK II and the Para version is out. The bad news is, we're sold out. Dont worry though, we should be getting some in soon. The gun comes in a solid black case, which is a plus. The gun is also super lite for those who are not fans of the CA Para weight. It seems solid and is a promising schirmish gun. Look out for pics on the website. It comes with a 2000 round high capacity box magazine. The over all look of the gun is just like the CA. The only major difference is the weight. With out the bbs and the battery, the gun is more or less than 3 pounds. Thats a big significant difference to the CA. So look out for more information on the gun in coming weeks. Sorry to those who want to see it at the store. We are actually SOLD OUT! Dont worry though. We'll get them in soon. See you guys at the store!

Thursday, October 06, 2005

Just a couple of days to go!!

Hey guys. Just a couple of days to go till the OP. Im freakin excited. Are you? 120 people with fully loaded high cap rounds, YES! Just remember a couple of things, use ONLY Biodegradable BBs, stick with the uniform dress code (no exceptions!),and Hydration is very important as well. FPS limit is 366fps with 0.25 (no exceptions!). If you want, you could look at the game rules at http://www.airsoftgi.com/information.php?info_id=23

If you guys have any questions, please contact us ASAP. Remember, the game is next weekend already. If you guys need anything for the game, nows the time to get it. Also remember on tuesdays, we have a Tuesday Night Special on tactical gears (5% off). For all you guys, that havent picked up the player packages, please do so. You cant participate without the patches and the player package. You need the player package for the raffles as well. So bring lots of water and your game, cause youre gonna need both. See all you guys there.

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

UTG M87 SOS Special Ops Coming Soon

Look out guys. The UTG M87 SOS Special Ops shotgun is coming very soon. It has the same reliability and durability as previous models, but with an addition. This gun features a LE style six position retractable stock and an Adjustable Hop Up system. The look of the gun is awesome. You can definately add this to your collection, if you have the two previous models. The retractable stock is perfect for those CQB games. It is also a perfect option for a back-up weapon. The gun includes an LE stlye stock Butt Pad, Tactical Sling, 2 Magazine, and a Speed Loading Tool. This gun is perfect for those just getting into the sport. Thinking of a great holiday gift? Little Johnny's asking what you got him for the holidays? Think no further. Any of the UTG line shotguns will give that smile, whether it be a gift for someone or yourself. Look out for more details on our forum. Dont miss out!

Saturday, August 27, 2005

Operation New Horizon October 15, 2005

Good morning, afternoon, night troops. Coming October 15, 2005 Operation New Horizon. This operation is brought to you by the creators of Op Lion Claws. The roster includes: Two(2) companies let by two(2) Liutentants, each company is comprised of five(5) squads led by five(5) Sergeants, each squad is comprised of twelve(12) men led by a Sergeants. Right now we are taking applications for the officers (2 Lt.'s and 5 Sgt.'s). If you are interested in applying for an officer position, please send over a brief action report for yourself. This is to ensure that the officers have, or met the qualifications for leadership. Its a good way to have the whole company function in unity and effectiveness. With good leadership, the missions will be successful. Also, the uniform policy is going to be strictly enforced. Basically, Company E is gonna be in 3-color desert BDU or 3-color desert degital BDU and Company G will by in 3-color Woodland BDU or 3-color Digital BDU. The operation is only $65 at the walk-in store and $75 at the website (www.opnewhorizon.com). The operation is located in Sanna Ranch, California. If you guys are interested, the spots are filling up fast. We need a few good guys, if you know what i mean. This operation is easily going to be one of the best of this year. As and added bonus, all participants will get a special discount on such items as tactical gears, upgrade services, and many many more. Dont miss out on the premier oparation for 2005. Operation New Horizon. Contact us for more info and details on the operation. Thank you.

*all participants will recieve a commemorative patch, hat and shirt. Participants are also entered into raffles for great prices.

Airsoft GI
2116 Hacienda Blvd.
Hacienda Heights, CA. 91745

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Airsoft GI Forum

Hey guys. Sorry it took so long to post the next blog. The Airsoft GI Forum is up and running. Its a great way to find out whats hot and whats not. Great way to ask your ever so growing questions on our little world of airsoft. New gear, New guns, Private game schedules, tech talk, and anything else you guys want to post about. So far theres been a lot of peeps posting, so keep it up. Its also a good place to network with other airsoft players for anything from gun talk to just hanging out. Come check it out! Its pretty cool. Okay kiddies, thats it for now. See you all on the forum!

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Operation New Horizon

Look out now all Southern California airsoft players! A new operation brought to you in part by Airsoft GI. From the hosts of Operation Lion Claws comes Operation New Horizon. This operation is going to be held at Sanna Ranch, California. The date is going to be October 15, 2005. The fee is $65.00 at the walk-in store and $75.00 at the website. The website is going to be up soon. Details, fee price, op briefings, and field intel will be on the website. Watch out and prepare for the best operation this fall has to offer. Please contact the store or wait for the website to be up very soon.

On another note, thank you to all that made Operation Enduring Hope a tremendous success. I hope that this new operation will be more, if not as fun, as the previous missions we hosted.

Saturday, July 23, 2005

OP Enduring Hope

Yo yo yo...here we are again on the eve of another op...i hate it when its the night before a game and you just chillen waiting...F@#$ man....i got my gear all shined up ...my guns shooting straight...i freakin have my water for the day already...my mags were loaded last night, but i thought it was too much...so i unloaded...well, ill go back to shining my boots man...see you all tomorrow...remember, Operation Enduring Hope brought to you by Airsoft GI and PHX!!